Instructions :

  • Mirror/Reverse your image design.
  • Place vinyl (gloss side / Carrier Film) onto cutting mat.
  •  Cut your favourite design with the vinyl cutter or other cutting machines. Make sure you properly set the machine according to your manufacturer's instruction on cutting the vinyl.
  • After cutting the HTV Vinyl. Weed the excess material from the design.
  • Pre-heat the garment to release the chemical and moist on the fabric.
  • Put the garment on the even surface and place the design on the garment at the desired position.
  • Apply the target design with your heat press machine, recommendations for transfer: (Temperature: 150℃(302℉) to 160℃(320℉) Pressure: Medium, Time: 8 ~ 15 seconds ). If you are using house old Iron, please note that in order to get the best result, the temperature and pressure is very important in order the HTV vinyl holds properly on the garment.
  • Let the heat Disperse evenly and be sure to consistently apply pressure so the complete image is fully attached and prevent scorching the paper and cracking the image.
  • Please peel off the clear protection film when the vinyl still warm or hot. Do not  cold peel. Do not dry clean.

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash your fabric gently with mild detergent
  • Wait 24 hours after application to wash
  • Turn the article of clothing inside before you wash it
  • No bleach